Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Faster than you expect.

Hello all. I am taking a short hiatus from blogging, especially since I have gotten so many nasty comments, as most bloggers probably noticed. Therefore, I am not deleting my blog, since if I do so, I will lose all my pictures and text from the last couple months. I've decided to take maybe a few months off. Make sure you check back in a few. Hope everyone is doing well!


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  2. hey dollface, you really shouldn't take time off from blogging solely because of a bunch of assholes. the same people did this to rumi a few months back or so. tell them to shove it up their you-know-whats and angry post and whatever you have to, but don't give up - - - then they win.

  3. Ugh, this makes me mad! I really enjoy your blog and now I'm not going to be able to see it for awhile because of some immature kids.
    But enjoy your break, have some fun and don't let ridiculous people get under your skin.

    And when you come back, maybe you can not allow anonymous comments. Just a little idea :]

  4. I agree! Please keep it up! You've got great personality and style! Don't allow anon comments... that's the best way to keep cowards out.

  5. Dont let people's nasty comments stop u from posting... hey ur doin something right if you've got haters lol
    i love your style and your blog (i really loved all washed out and biker chic)

    visit me sometime

    Vi from Cali

  6. Glam:

    I have to say that as a woman who has been your age and survived those utterly catty middle and high school days, know that in the end it doesn't matter about what they (or in this case, 'Anonymous') people say. You have a unique sense of style with strong perspective on fashion that's completely modern and fresh. As someone from Dallas who has been to numerous fashion shows, mingled with the best, and is a mover and a shaker, I have the experience to rightly say you have a great chance at becoming highly respected in the fashion industry. Don't let comments - that are completely inappropriate and unfounded - from insecure people pull you away from letting your voice be heard. You have passion; don't lose it. And, definitely don't let people who are grammatically challenged silence you. Keep pursuing the blog and let your creative voice be heard. I've enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your sense of style. Best of luck.

  7. i really miss your blog for-real...

  8. I agree with all the comments, don't let some anymous people stop you!


  9. Hello. This is the first time I have come across your blog and I think it is really great!! You do a great job and I love all your outfits. They are all really unique and interesting :) Im sorry you've gotten mean comments. But please don't let those nasty people stop you from blogging.

    I don't know why, but I really had an urge to share this with you... My friend Dylan has a tee shirt that says "I LOVE HATERS" it means that you shouldn't let "haters" make you feel bad. Just try and stay positive.

    Breaks are good sometimes, but you should keep blogging because I think your great!! =)

  10. i just encountered your blog and it is really lovely. you are a beautiful woman, with an amazing sense of style. don't let the bullies get you down. it seems like you have more fans than adversaries. i hope you reconsider and continue on with your fantastic blog.

  11. Aw, I hope you don't pay them too much attention. There seems to be an influx of very rude anonymous commenters across the blogosphere and their comments say alot more about them then they do about you so I hope you don't feel too bad about it. Your blog is lovely.

  12. I really hope you start your blog again! I loved it!

  13. when are you gonna re-start your blog again? i miss reading your updates

  14. This is the first time i have come across your blog - you have a great sense of style. You should keep up the good work! :)


  15. Hey! I luv ur blog! Don't stop blogging just cuz of a few people! U hav an amazing sense of style!

    Oh, and check out our blog: glamurlook.blogspot.com

    -3 tweens