Thursday, December 18, 2008

Starry Night.

Hey guys! So basically, this is my first blog post. I've wanted to start a blog since I was about 11 years old, but I never really had enough motivation to do it. I thought this would be a chic outfit to start it with. 

This outfit is one of my favorites. I got this dress about two weeks ago when my mother was in nyc for a ladies weekend. I told her to get me a little something, and she came back with this beauty. With all the sales in the major department stores, she gave in and here I am wearing itt. I've also always loved tights instead of leggings. The footed addition makes such a difference in my mind! These tights are textured as well, so they make the outfit even more adorablee. Cardigans are also a fashion must at the moment. 

Dress- Marc by Marc Jacobs
Tights- Simply Vera, Kohls
Sweater- Simply Vera, Kohls
Belt- Juicy Lucy

Only one more week til christmass :) And last day of school tomorrow. Much love.


  1. Ah cute dress baby, I love the look. congrats on starting a blog.

    happy holidays ♥ o.~, China L.

  2. Ahhh, the florals are fantastic... and the cardi compliments the look perfectly!


  3. get a life. your marc jacobs dress could feed a third world country