Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Bloggers Reunion

Vest (underneath jacket)- Forever 21. T-shirt- Express. Skirt- French Connection. Leggings- Forever 21. Boots- Fiorentini & Baker. Hat- Brunello Cucinelli.

Check her blog outtt.

Fashion bloggers of Cleveland, Ohio.

Fur jacket, Love Me Shirt, White Blazer- All Goodwill.

Today's day including seeing Confessions of A Shopaholic and raiding the nearby Goodwill with my friend and fashion blogger, Jenny. Having read some of the awful reviews for Shopaholic, my expectations were low. How pleasantly surprised I was to find a solid comedy with an excellent cast with mostly great chemistry. The main character, a shopaholic supreme, reminding all of us of someone we know. In the end there were tons of audience laughs and smiles, which really is what a day at your local movie theater is about. Next, Goodwill time! Pretty much all, including my purchases, were under 10 dollars. Jenny's purchases included a magnificent purple blazer that I am still jealous of and many more.


  1. oh you took my advice. joined jenny heyside. you two must be besties considering you both think your hot but everyone knows your are most definitely NOT!

  2. vc nao tem nada para fazer seu blog é uma droga...lerda lerda lerda 2 x lerda