Monday, January 12, 2009

Come Find Me in The Cabaret

Shirt- Club Monaco
Skirt- Vintage, Ralph Lauren
Fishnets- Hue, Nordstrom

This skirt was discovered in my mother's closet when perusing. Apparently, she wore it as her uniform with a navy blazer. Love her. The color really does pop out! I also adore the shape of the skirt and the fringe going down the side.



  1. so cute!! omg! you should put your mom on glambition!!
    im sure she would love to be on your blog.
    you have the cutest clothes and it sounds like she does too! i would love to see the inspiration for your amazing ensambles

  2. thank you for brightening my days with your style and commitment
    glambition is a major part of my life
    thank you
    so tell me where do you shop?

  3. You're such a doll... amazing images!
    Amazing skirt!