Friday, January 2, 2009

Pretty Wooly Mammoth

Jacket- Alexander Wang
Shirt (underneath)- Vera Wang
Leggings- American Apparel

Today's day consisted of a tennis match at 8, then the mall with my mother. Since my tennis clothes are quite drab, I decided to get somewhat dressed up for the mall. The lipstick was just an add-on for the blog shoot. Like I'd go out with bright red lipstick for the Cleveland mall... mabyee for New York? Much love bloggers. xo.

Also, just a quick shoutout to my 5 year old sister who takes my pictures (: hahaaaaaa


  1. wang wang... you look really nice. beautiful face, hair... fantastic.

  2. i LOVE that you can pull of red lipstick! I STILL can't and I've always wanted to!

    you look absolutely fantastic!

    thank you for your sweet comment, I can not stop blushing!

    thanks for being so very sweet! <3
    hope you had a fantastic new year darling!

  3. Your little sister is a great photographer haha!
    Great jacket!
    Will add you to my links asap =]

  4. Great great. I like your leggings haha and you do red lipstick well!

  5. Thanks for commenting. I love the shirt & you're working that bright red lipstick.

  6. your male model is a bit explicit, eh?

  7. Sorry, these are just about the ugliest pictures I've ever seen.