Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Wanna Be A Rockstar

First picture:
Dress- Robert Rodriguez (Worn throughout)
Tights- Hue (Worn throughout)
Guitar- Hannah Montana

Fourth picture:
Sweater- Stella McCartney
Hat- Brunello Cucinelli (Worn in picture 5)

Fifth picture:
Blazer- Nordstrom (Boy's department)

P.S.- Shoutouts to Lauren and Jamie. Maybe they'll be featured on here one dayyy. At least I know their outfits are mainly inspired by glambition. Love GLAMBITION GIRL.


  1. omggshhh
    you have the BEST fashion sense
    wow, i'm so jealous,
    your passion and commitment aspires me to
    become such a great fashionista like you
    keep it up
    i think you should add more feathers and frills
    thats my style

  2. omg i love your style - that dress is adorable!
    im so jealous of your closet - i wish i could have it all!
    keep blogging!

  3. I love that dress you are wearing! And these photos are really nice. Did you take them yourself?

  4. cute outfit :)

    really like that zebra print throw on your bed!