Monday, January 5, 2009

Just Kick It

Ughh today was another day at school after the two week hiatus. I was excited to see everyone again, but of course sad because now we're starting to prepare for midterms and suchh :( Today's outfit was simple but I paired it with my favorite pair of boots. The boots were bought from Barneys last year on my birthday trip to NYC. They costed more than liked but I ended up spending my own money and purchasing them.

Dress- Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sweater (Worn over)- Vera Wang
Tights- Betsey Johnson
Boots- Fiorentini & Baker


Bracelet- Bloomingdales
Ring- Forever 21

#1 Fan shoutout to Alana Arnold! Who one day, will be featured on Glambition.


  1. I can see why those boots are your favorite, they are awesome! And I'd love to swap links :)

  2. I like grey tights!
    check out my new post


  3. hi girl!

    What a great blog and style!!
    Thanks a lot for passing at my blog!
    I love this look, those boots are great :)

    a kiss for you and Happy New Year!

    from Brazil,